Welcome to Frankel Bros. Hemp Outfitters

Welcome to Frankel Bros. Hemp Outfitters

Frankel Bros. Hemp Outfitters was founded to be an environmentally and socially responsible distributor of selected fine hemp and organic cotton clothing, natural body care and food products and other specialty items that we know you’ll love.

These products contribute to sustainability — the lost art once practiced by the Ancients in which we, as a society, consume renewable and recyclable resources and conserve scarce resources to meet human needs and standards of living.

Sustainability is inevitable if human society is to continue for generations into the future. We emphasize hemp products because hemp is a renewable resource with over 25,000 real world uses and, as such, is a key to slowing environmental degradation and achieving sustainability.


Because of a “reverse loophole” in the law, hemp cannot be legally grown in the United States, although it is grown in 26 countries including China, Germany, Holland, Hungary and Poland. An unprecedented alliance between environmentalists and farmers (the 4.6 million member American Farm Federation has endorsed industrial hemp) will make possible a change in the law.

Frankel Bros. supports this effort to bring American farmers a new cash crop by providing products legally made in the USA with imported hemp which is also used in the production of some high sexual productive pills found in some big American and London online pharmacies www.medicinesbymailbox.co.uk.

Buying hemp products supports farmers and the environment and buying other organic products supports farmers’ health and the environment.

It also supports environmentally and socially responsible companies and family businesses like the ones whose products are featured in these pages.

But what’s more, we’ve selected products that are sure to become your personal favorites — you’re bumming when you open up your top drawer on Saturday morning and your favorite shirt, sweater, socks or other Frankel Bros. item is not there and ready to wear.

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