The Future of Fashion: What is so Unique about Hemp Clothing?

The Future of Fashion: What is so Unique about Hemp Clothing?

With the drastic change in fashion evolution and technology. The fashion savvy individuals have pursued all avenues possible to ensure that industrial hemp stands out as a tough contender in the highly acclaimed industry. With innovation, hemp is the ultimate material since it is eco-friendly and sustainable. It is the best alternative for different manufacturing industries like clothing, biofuel, nutrition, and housing. The best part is that the whole plant can be utilized seamlessly.

Right from its versatility to the number of products that can be found easily from the hemp, cultivating this plant does not pose any danger to the environment. Most plants require pesticide to ensure they germinate efficiently but the hemp plant is an exception. Above all, it needs very little water and it protects the soil from erosion. Finally, as long as an area has a temperate climate, the plant can germinate well.

Hemp was not discovered from recent innovations. Use of hemp is dated back to 8,000 BC before the Chinese civilization. The fibre gotten from the plant has been used to manufacture a variety of textiles such as hemp bags, T-shirt, canvas, paper skin care products, and hats.

Up until the early 1920s, hemp was commonly used in the textile manufacturing factories. After textile lost its fame, which resulted from misinformation and politics swirling around its cultivation, it was time to come up with a new product. Hemp has been severally confused with the marijuana plant but the truth is these two are entirely different products. Hemp possesses a lower concentration of the psychoactive chemical referred as THC.

Compared to other materials that are used in the manufacturing clothes, hemp can be harvested in a matter of 120 days. Most European countries, Canada, Russia, and China have adopted its use hence they grow it.

Benefits of Hemp Clothing

Although it is light in weight, the fibre gotten from it are known for their durability and strength. As if that is not enough the fibre possess a high absorbing power. It’s the best material for outdoors since it’s resistant to the harmful UV rays. Its versatility is wide enough as it can be blended with other materials.

From the onset, hemp fibre was manufactured and processed by using chemicals. Thanks to technology, new ways have been invented which use enzymes more as compared to chemicals.

Hemp is taking the fashion industry by storm as its sturdy and can withstand any harsh weather conditions that keep on destroying clothes fabric.

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