The Pharmacist That’s Designing a Line in Hemp Fashion

The Pharmacist That’s Designing a Line in Hemp Fashion

Hemp is hardly a new material. It has been used for thousands of years for various things. It is only relatively recently that it went out of fashion. Some people, though, are looking to revive the use of hemp as a clothing material, and there are several lines available on the market. One such person works as a pharmacist full time, but is hoping to impress with their latest hemp designs. Tina has been designing for a couple of years, and is planning on opening up an online hemp store.

A Life-Long Hobby

Although Tina went into the online pharmacy business with Medicinesbymailbox, fashion design has always been a hobby of hers. “I’ve been designing clothes since I was a kid”, she said. “Ever since I was able to hold a pen, I’ve been making designs”. “Of course, they were very rudimentary to begin with, but I’ve developed my skills as I went on”, she added. “As much as I wanted a career in fashion design, though, I had to find a steady income and my pharmacy provided me with that”, she added.

Something Unique

“One key to being a successful fashion designer is to try something different”, said Tina. “I noticed that few people were using hemp, so I thought I’d give it a try”. “It’s an interesting material to work with and allows for a lot of creativity”, she added. “It’s quite a course material, but that allows for something different”. “I find myself using all my spare time on designs when I am not busy with the pharmacy”, she finished.

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