Why Wear Hemp Clothing?

Why Wear Hemp Clothing?

Regardless of whether you are concerned about this planet and the environment or not, there are countless benefits associated with opting for organic clothing. Surprisingly, many people who wear organic clothing aren’t aware of these benefits. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will understand why should opt for organic clothing and probably rework your wardrobe with this type of clothing.

The health benefits associated with hemp clothing include;

  • Hemp clothing absorbs and releases perspiration perfectly and breathes excellently
  • Can absorb and retain dyes well
  • Can hold up to repeated washing and doesn’t require dry cleaning
  • This type of clothing is usually anti-microbial
  • Is resistant to mildew and mould
  • As you wash and wear the clothing, it becomes softer

Positive environmental influence

Note that hemp can grow rapidly and needs less water. It doesn’t require pesticides or herbicides. Most importantly, it produces a significant amount of fibre per acre as compared to cotton and trees. Thus, hemp seems to be much kinder to the earth as compared to the conventionally grown cotton and other linen-producing materials.

Similar to hemp, cotton is a natural fibre. However, growing it requires a significant amount of herbicides and pesticides. This simply means that the growth of cotton has a significant negative impact on water, work safety, and health.

Caring for hemp clothing

It’s easy to take care of hemp clothing. This type of clothing tolerates hot water as well.  If you realize that your hemp clothing has been pre-shrunk, a hot dryer won’t harm it. Note that hemp clothing tolerates quick drying.

In case you realize that your hemp garment has a dirt or food stain, put laundry soap and the stained spot and wash after few minutes. Avoid dry-cleaning your hemp garments as it’s not necessary.

Depending on the nature and fabric used in making a hemp garment, a touch up with a hot iron may straighten it and make it perfect for your night out. It’s worth mentioning that as your hemp garments become softer with frequent wash and wear, ironing is likely to become less critical.

Don’t be surprised…

Hemp can’t be legally grown in the US although it’s grown in China, Poland, Holland, Germany, and other countries. However, with the unprecedented alliance between farmers and environmentalists (the popular 4.6 million member American Farm Federation) endorsed the industrial hemp and this is likely to bring a change. Meanwhile United States residents can access excellent hemp products made using legally important hemp.


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